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HUG-CELL on social media

HUG-CELL on social media

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The Human Genome and Stem Cell Research Center (HUG-CELL) has a dissemination team that produces scientific content for social media. YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are the main media on which the content is published, under the name Genoma USP. The aim is to provide the public with information about science, with a focus on genetics, and to familiarize the public with the HUG-CELL scientists and the research developed by them.






Human Genome and Stem Cell Research Center – HUG-CELL
Rua do Matão - Travessa 13, n. 106
Cidade Universitária
05508-090 - São Paulo -SP
Telephone numbers:  (11) 3091-7966 / 3091-0878
WhatsApp, messages only: (11) 2648-8358
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