Consultations and genetic counseling

Consultations and genetic counseling

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For more than 30 years, HUG-CELL has attended    patients with genetic diseases and their families. The consultations aim to establish or confirm diagnoses with modern DNA technologies, providing guidance on genetic tests, and offering genetic counseling.

The consultations at HUG-CELL   are face-to-face or online and booked according to the specialty (disease under investigation).

The genetic counseling also includes the interpretation of genomic tests, such as whole exome sequencing.

All of the services provided are not-for-profit. Fees are charged to maintain the services.


Human Genome and Stem Cell Research Center – HUG-CELL
Rua do Matão - Travessa 13, n. 106
Cidade Universitária
05508-090 - São Paulo -SP
Telephone numbers:  (11) 3091-7966 / 3091-0878
WhatsApp, messages only: (11) 2648-8358
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