Education and Dissemination

Actions in basic education

Actions in basic education

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In partnership with some Educational Directories from the State of São Paulo, HUG-CELL promotes educational and dissemination activities in basic education schools, with a main focus on high school education. The aims of these partnerships with HUG-CELL include:

  • training teachers from schools belonging to partners =Educational Directories to use new teaching methodologies and educational materials, not as an end in itself, but as a mean for the pupils to develop skills that enable them to produce and enjoy the cultural, social, and economic assets of society;

  • providing teachers with educational and intellectual support material to carry out laboratory classes and other methodologies that can make the pupil an agent of their own learning;

  • arousing an interest in science among students.

The educational material is provided to teachers in three ways:

  • An itinerant laboratory is set up at the school and is lent for three weeks.

  • A collection of instructional materials to facilitate learning are available from three loan centers.

  • Science exhibitions (Giant Cell and Light and Life) are held in easy-to-access locations (generally centrally-located shopping malls or schools) and teacher visits together with their pupils are organized by the Educational Directories.


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