Carla Rosenberg

Carla Rosenberg

She obtained her master degree in Biology (1984) and PhD in Genetics (1989) by University of São Paulo. She was a post-doctoral fellow and later Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins University (USA). For 9 years (1996-2004) was Associate Professor at Leiden University Medical Center and, upon her return to Brazil, became Senior Researcher of the AC Camargo Cancer Center. Since 2009 she is a faculty member of the Department of Genetics and Evolutionary Biology of the Bioscience Institute of University of São Paulo. She is part of international consortia aiming to investigate the impact of genomic unbalances in diseases (Database of Chromosomal Imbalances and Phenotype in humans using Ensemble Resources – DECIPHER) and standards for clinical use of arrays (International Standards for Cytogenomic Arrays – ISCA).


Research Profile
Her research focus on the investigation of human genomic unbalances (copy number variations) and their impact in genetic disorders, including common diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer. She has experience and published over 110 papers (H=37) in human genetics and cytogenetics, with emphasis on FISH and Genomic Arrays, in particular on the diagnosis of intellectual disability and congenital malformations.


Diagnostic Activities
Diagnosis of microdeletion and microduplication syndromes by array-CGH


Total: 92

10 favourite publications

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