Sow Science Project

To increase our share of Education and Diffusion, we developed the project "Seed Science" that aims to disseminate important issues of genetics to the public. Through posters around the school and the subway and bus stations, we intend to motivate the public to know more about aspects of science that promote important values such as, respect for biodiversity.

To start this project, we developed a series of posters entitled "Different, but similar." In the photographs, we present the human species and a species different from our (chimpanzee, fly and rice seed) and inform, especially, the degree of genetic similarity between these living beings.

Do these species as different show some degree of genetic similarity? Studies of the human genome have shown many similarities between our genetic material and the other species or so similar. These scientific data were not surprising to specialists, and there meet the evolutionary ideas that claim that all species share common ancestors, that is, have some degree of kinship.

In our web-site, visitors will learn how these studies were conducted and what the impact of this knowledge in the treatment of diseases.