Our Projects

The main purpose of dissemination of program / education Research Centre on the Human Genome and Stem Cell Genetics is to make more accessible to society, contributing to the development of a critical and independent inherent to every citizen aware of its duties and obligations .

The impact of genetics in modern life is such that it is essential that lay people are familiar with their nature, methods, processes and concepts. In addition to deploying actions that put geneticists in communication with
professionals from different areas, the priority targets of the program are the teachers and students of high school.

Participate in the dissemination of program / education members of the University of São Paulo, teachers, graduate students and undergraduate students, public schools in the state and municipal and government organizations.
In addition to courses, seminars, lectures, interviews in different media, production of teaching materials and participation in scientific dissemination events the Research Centre on the Human Genome and Stem Cells conceived the
following projects:

> Semear ciência

> Célula gigante

> Parcerias com Diretorias de Ensino


> Parcerias com Estação Ciência

> Genética no sertão